Florian Lier

I recently joined Bosch Corporate Research as a robotics software engineer. In parallel, I'm finishing my PhD at Bielefeld University, in Germany. Moreover, I have been working for the margin company in the FinTech sector. Well, to keep it short and simple: I am interested in nearly everything related to Computer Science — which can be quite a burden sometimes. My interests range from Unix-like operating systems to web-based technologies and distributed systems, from robotics and simulation environments to programming languages & their dialects, software development techniques, continuous integration, testing and deployment and back to system engineering and human-robot interaction, TBC [...]

In the past years, I have been focusing on reproducibility aspects of software intensive robotics experiments. Please take a look at my list of publications for more detailed information.

Last, I also used to write blog articles about projects I have been working on. Unfortunately, I cannot find the time to continue this activity — you might give the internet archive a try. But, who knows, maybe I'll start writing articles again 🙊