Pepper at RoboCup 2018 SSPL

We decided to participate in the RoboCup@Home "Social Standard Platform League" again (actually we do RoboCup since 2009). Here's our latest qualification video and team description paper... I hope you like it.

The Team of Bielefeld (ToBI) was founded in 2009. The RoboCup team’s activities are embedded in a long-term research agenda towards human-robot interaction with laypersons in regular and smart home environments. The RoboCup@Home competition is an important benchmark and milestone for this goal in terms of robot capabilities as well as the system integration effort. In order to achieve a robust and stable system performance, we apply a systematic approach for reproducible robotic experimentation including automated tests. A second focus of research is the development of re-usable robot behaviors and robot skills. By re-usability we mean both, the re-use in different robot tasks as well as the re-use across different platforms. For RoboCup 2018, we plan to enhance this approach for the standard platform Pepper which comes with certain requirements and limitations, like its own runtime and development ecosystem, limited computing resources onboard, or a limited range of sensor devices. We further introduce a simulation environment for the Pepper robot that is based on MORSE and allows to define additional artificial agents as human-like interaction partners. This is one of the key features for simulating complete RoboCup@Home tasks. In this paper, we will present a generic approach to these issues. System descriptions as well as build and deployment procedures are modeled in the Cognitive Interaction Toolkit. The overall framework inherently supports the idea of open research and offers direct access to reusable components and reproducible systems via a web-based catalog

Team ToBI | Team Description Paper